2/5/19 Community Newsletter

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2/5/19 Community Newsletter

Hey everyone!  Its been a while since we’ve sent you all out an update in regards to whats happening.  We have some new stuff and changes in store this month and I just wanted to reach out and make sure we keep you all in the loop.  If you have any questions about anything you see in this email please don’t hesitate to reach out our 24/7 Support Team.  This is a general outline of whats happening.  I wrote this up quick for you guys so you could see whats happening. I’m definitely excited to see what february has in store.  There are definitely some different things in development but as for february this is what we are trying to serve up primarily to our players.

1.) Breakout Poker & GG Poker

Incase you missed my most recent post on Breakout Poker & GG Poker here is another outline of whats happening with this.   Basically breakout poker has merged with GG Poker.  What this means is that Breakout Poker software no longer works and all VGN / BRK Players will need to download the GG Poker Client and login with their user info in order to be able to keep playing on their network.  Currently VGN’s account information with BRK is still being transferred over to GG.  Its our understanding that GG has agreed to keep running the VGN Weekend League but at this time we currently don’t have any information as to when that will start up again.

2.)  Broadcasting / Shows

Currently our team is working on getting the radio server back online.  Its our goal within the next week to have our shows up and running again.  I know its been a while but we definitely miss going live and hanging out with everyone outside of our community chat.   JimMac Poker Radio should resume radio broadcasts we are hoping really soon and VGN independently is also working on getting our Twitch shows back up.  Its been a really busy couple months which is one reason we haven’t been able to do as many shows as we used to in the past.  With the overhaul on everything  and new partners / sponsors coming into the picture we expect to be serving you guys much stronger entertainment, contest and promotions really soon.

3.) 888 Poker Weekend League

VGN Weekend League is now available for players to participate on saturdays and sundays at 19:00 UTC on 888 Poker!  This is really good news for anyone outside of the U.S who is looking for a solid site to play on and their roll with. We have been with 888 for a little while and we felt like it was time to get the ball rolling with them again a little bit. Just like other supported Weekend League Sites 888 will have its on Poker Leaderboards (All-Time / Monthly) and players will be able to find the stats by clicking the “Poker Leaderboards” button at the top of the page.  If you are not a member of 888 Poker and want a free $88 Dollars Click This Link get signed up and be ready for this Saturdays’s Fun!

4.) 64 Spades

VGN Weekend League on 64 Spades is still running and going good.  Players are earning those points and building their ranks and we are loving the participation so far.  It seems like you all are enjoying and it looks like we will continue to offer/promote the weekend league with them for the foreseeable future.  If you are new to 64 Spades signup by Clicking Here.  We as well as the players i’m sure are aware that there are some issues with depositing.  There cashier has been down but we are assured it will be up and they are working to resolve the issue.  Please keep in mind that if you do want to find some chips for 64s there are different facebook pages and stuff you can go to where people will trade for chips.  If you have any questions please contact VGN Live Support or 64 Spades Support.

5.) JiMMac Poker Radio

This month we are expecting and influx of activity from JimMac as he is prepping to get the radio server back online and potentially get a a decent ACR Freeroll at the end of the month.  Basically anything ACR that is community driven will be through JimMac for the foreseeable future.   If you aren’t a member on jimmac65.com simply go to the site and login with your VGN Details and you will automatically be registered for his site.  If you are a new member of Americas Cardroom than Click Here for more information on the Exclusive Signup Bonus that his site is offering.

3.) BetOnline

We recently came into contact with BetOnline and both of us agree that VGN will most likely be a good fit and a solid community to introduce to their existing community and VGN Players.  Its our hope that in february the Weekend League will be coming to BOL Network.  With the super bowl and everything it seems like everyone is behind a little but but rest assured we are doing our best to provide VGN Players and BOL Community with a solid place to play some BOL Poker on VGN.   If you are new to BOL and haven’t made an account yet you can Click Here for an exclusive Signup Bonus through VGN.

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